Crisis Outreach Team

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Who are we?

CADA’s Crisis Outreach Team is funded by The Louisiana State Opioid Response Program (LaSOR). CADA’s team travels nine parishes in Northwest LA, providing treatment and recovery services for individuals with or at risk for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). 

What do we do?

CADA’s Crisis Outreach Team is community-based, meeting clients where they are in the recovery process. Licensed counselors are on staff to serve the needs of those struggling with opioid addiction, and Peer Support personnel are trained in recovery planning and coaching. 

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Who do we serve?

Priority populations for this program include:

  • The under or uninsured

  • The criminal justice population

  • State-recognized tribes

  • Pregnant women or women with infants experiencing neonatal opioid withdrawal symptoms

  • Prevention for school-age children