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Addiction Treatment for Families

Admission into CADA is determined by a screening process for medical necessity and eligibility.

Residential Treatment For Mothers

The CADA Family Treatment program is for pregnant women and women with children up to 12 years old. Located at our Bossier Treatment Center, this program provides a safe and positive atmosphere for you to receive treatment. 

While in the program, you will receive 24/7 care focusing on physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation. Most clients stay an average of three months in this program. We offer therapy, educational groups, and individual sessions for the mother. 

The children of clients participate in a series of children’s therapy groups, including conflict resolution, communication skills, anger management, art and play therapy, and family relationship skills. All school-aged children are enrolled in school or a Head Start program. Children also receive individual counseling.

Admission into CADA programs begins with a screening process to determine medical necessity. CADA has scheduled admissions, and does not accept walk-ins. 

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