Thank you for your interest in our organization! Please complete an application online if you are interested in any of the job opportunities listed below. Due to the high number of applications we receive, we ask that you do not call regarding the status of your application. If your application is selected for the interview phase, you will be contacted.

After the interview phase, applicants will be required to pass a drug screen and background check.  Following this, applicants will participate in a staff orientation and undergo TB skin testing.

The benefit package for full-time employees includes: Major Medical-Humana (CADA pays 75% of the premium), 10 vacation days per year, paid holidays, 12 sick days per year, and $10,000 life insurance. Voluntary products include supplemental policies with Colonial Life/Ameritas (dental, disability, cancer, accident, etc.) and Legal Shield pre-paid legal service. Our organization participates in E-Verify. 

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Support Staff Supervisor

Summary of Position Responsibilities

The purpose of the Support Staff Supervisor position is to lead a team of Direct Care Technicians (DCT) in monitoring and assisting clients in residential programs with daily living activities.


  • Knowledge of principles and processes for providing client care and personal services
  • Minimum of one year of experience providing personal care, assistance, and support to others
  • Excellent communication and computer skills

Essential Duties

  • Supervises and utilizes Lead DCTs to ensure that DCT staff are appropriately trained and performing their job duties on every shift
  • Ensure that DCT staff are compliant with CADA policies and procedures and the DCT Staff Manual
  • Ensure that DCT staff are knowledgeable of all client rules and enforce rules in a positive manner
  • Create and assign DCT work schedules in a timely manner and ensure appropriate DCT coverage on each shift
  • Ensure and approve accurate timesheets of DCT staff on the Employee Web Service (EWS)
  • Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitudes toward organizational objectives
  • Conduct and document performance evaluations/competency validations of all new and existing DCT staff
  • Coordinate and conduct DCT staff meetings and professional development trainings
  • Implement needed disciplinary actions regarding DCT staff members after approval by supervisor
  • Coordinate with supervisor to interview and hire appropriate DCTs
  • Assist with client intakes, transfers, discharges, and drug screening
  • Immediately report changes in a client’s condition or mental state to the clinical team and nursing staff
  • Monitor vital signs under the direction of medical staff
  • Implement safety policies and procedures, coordinating safety drills, and providing assistance during emergency situations
  • Provide transportation for clients and maintain a valid driver’s license (if an authorized driver)

Maintenance Technician

Summary of Position Responsibilities: The Maintenance Technician position maintains the safety, upkeep, and cleanliness of CADA’s facilities and grounds in order to ensure a safe, functional, sanitary, and attractive environment.


  • High school diploma or equivalent is preferred
  • Previous housekeeping/maintenance experience preferred
  • Ability to lift, pull and push 20 lbs. (over 20 lbs. w/ assistance)
  • Ability to travel to multiple locations in own vehicle

Essential Duties:

  • Conduct regular inspections of all electrical, mechanical and other equipment of CADA facilities
  • Detect any defects and/or malfunctions within the physical grounds of each CADA facility and immediately report to supervisor
  • Clean offices, hallways, lobbies, lounges, restrooms, corridors, stairways, and other work areas so that health standards are met
  • Replenish supplies in restrooms and break room as needed
  • Clean rugs, carpets, and upholstered furniture utilizing vacuum cleaners and shampooers
  • Strip, seal, finish, and polish floors
  • Dust and polish furniture, work surfaces and equipment
  • Wash windows, walls, ceilings, and woodwork and paint as needed
  • Maintain adequate lighting by promptly replacing light bulbs
  • Empty wastebaskets; empty and clean outside ashtrays; transport other trash and waste to disposal areas
  • Move items in and out of storage and set up chairs and tables for special events
  • Clean vents, fans and replace air filters in air conditioning/heating equipment
  • Maintain an adequate supply of all products and equipment needed for housekeeping and maintenance
  • Perform grounds maintenance, including but not limited to, mowing, weeding, hedging, painting, raking and blowing debris

COUNSELOR – Outpatient & Adult Residential

Summary of Position Responsibilities: The purpose of the Counselor position is to provide counseling and education to CADA clients and complete all required training and certifications within the specific scope of practice.


  • Must be a Registered Addiction Counselor (RAC), Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC), Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), or Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) with current and valid credentials from the appropriate licensing or regulatory board/agency to practice in the field of behavioral health
  • Knowledgeable about the disease of chemical dependency and its treatment
  • Previous experience in the treatment of substance abuse preferred

Essential Duties:

  • Assist with screening clients for eligibility and appropriate level of care when necessary
  • Complete required documentation for admission and coordinate orientation of the clients
  • Interview clients, review client records and confer with other professionals to assess client’s biopsychosocial factors
  • Collaborate with nurses, physicians, and other clinicians to coordinate and plan treatment
  • Formulate treatment plan(s) with the client
  • Utilize appropriate counseling methods and techniques within the specific scope of practice to assist clients in exploring problems and the consequences of said problems
  • Conduct client and family counseling and education in group and/or individual settings
  • Monitor, evaluate, and record client progress in accordance with a formulated treatment plan
  • Assist with the utilization review process by providing complete and accurate client information to billing personnel and/or the health insurance provider when requested
  • Recognize and address clients in crisis
  • Complete accurate records and reports regarding the clients’ histories, progress, and services provided
  • Conduct discharge planning and refer clients and/or families to appropriate community resources
  • Conduct collection and complete forms for client drug testing
  • Adhere to any applicable laws, regulations, and agency policies governing substance abuse treatment


Summary of Position Responsibilities: The purpose of the Cook position is to prepare nutritious meals and snacks for clients within CADA residential facilities.


  • Experience in food service is preferred but not required
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to lift up to 20 pounds

Essential Duties:

  • Prepare nutritious meals/snacks in a manner that is compliant with health and fire regulations
  • Serve meals in a timely and respectful manner to all clients
  • Perform inspections of all kitchen equipment and report any defects to supervisor
  • Take and record temperatures of food storage areas, such as refrigerators/freezers
  • Perform cleaning and housekeeping duties in the kitchen, dining room, and applicable storage areas
  • Organize and stock necessary inventory for efficient operation of the kitchen
  • Assist supervisor with menu planning, shopping, safety inspections and inventory checks
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and participate in audits by the health department
  • Investigate client complaints related to menu items or service and report to supervisor
  • Communicate and coordinate with the Program Director as needed to ensure quality food service
  • Assist with organizing donated items and diluting/preparing chemicals for facility use as needed

Nurse (LPN)

Shifts Available:

  • Full-time, 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
  • Part-time
  • PRN

Summary of Position Responsibilities: The purpose of the Nurse position is to provide medical screening, assessment, education, care, and treatment to clients and applicable training to staff. The Nurse shall also screen potential clients and conduct intake, admission, and orientation of clients as needed.


  • Nursing degree (LPN) and currently licensed in the state of Louisiana
  • Experience in substance abuse treatment preferred
  • Excellent communication and computer skills

Essential Duties:

  • Perform medical assessment and obtain personal medical and psychiatric histories of clients on admission
  • Assist physician in medical examinations and ensures that physician orders are transcribed and addressed in an accurate and timely manner
  • Perform admission and random urine drug testing on every client
  • Assemble and organize client records on admission and ensure that all necessary documents are completed
  • Administer medications and other medical treatments prescribed by Medical Director or consulted physicians
  • Document nursing interventions, treatment rendered, problems identified, and progress of clients
  • Perform TB testing on all clients and provide voluntary HIV, STD, and pregnancy testing
  • Provide pre-test and post-test counseling to clients who are tested for TB, HIV, STD, and pregnancy
  • Identifyany special dietary needs of clients and coordinate delivery of those needs with the cook
  • Conduct individual and/or group education to clients regarding prescribed medications and health risks

Direct Care Technician

Summary of Position Responsibilities: Monitor and assist clients in a residential treatment program with daily living activities. 24 hour facility, all shifts needed.


  • Knowledge of principles and processes for providing client care and personal services preferred
  • Previous experience in an addiction treatment setting preferred
  • CNA preferred

Essential Duties:

  • Complete shift reports and client observation records
  • Assist with intakes, transfers and discharges
  • Search client’s personal belongings for unauthorized items
  • Perform healthcare-related tasks including, but not limited to, monitoring vital signs and medications under the direction of medical staff
  • Assist in crisis prevention
  • Conduct client drug screening
  • Maintain order and cleanliness on the unit, and performs tasks including, but not limited to, light housekeeping duties and washing linens/bedding
  • Serve meals/snacks and issues necessary supplies to clients
  • Ensure the physical safety of clients by implementing and ensuring safety policies and procedures, coordinating safety drills, and providing assistance during emergency situations
  • Provide transportation for clients if authorized to do so


The Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse of Northwest Louisiana (CADA) supports individuals who are in training to become healthcare professionals. To that end, CADA accepts and trains interns in behavioral health and substance abuse treatment. These interns are referred from licensed educational institutions in the community. CADA offers internship positions in residential and outpatient programs. CADA’s goal is to contribute to the quality of healthcare in the community by offering a rewarding and educational experience to future healthcare providers.