You MUST bring the following items for us to provide you with treatment.
Please bring these items with you when you are admitted.

  • Valid ID or Driver License
  • Proof of income or notarized letter of no income
  • Prescribed medications
  • Birth certificate and Social Security Card (Family Program ONLY)
  • Medicaid card or insurance card
  • 5 days’ worth of clothing (You’ll be able to do laundry here!)

Allowed Items

These items are okay to bring with you to CADA, but are not required. 

  • Your own pillow with a plastic bed bug pillow case on it
  • Your own towels and washcloths 
  • Small bills or quarters for the vending machine

Items Not Allowed

Do not bring these items to CADA. They are not allowed and will be confiscated.

  • Cell phones or cameras
  • Anything that can be construed as a weapon. Absolutely no guns, clubs or knives.
  • Anything with a logo that refers to alcohol, drugs, gambling, or sexually explicit language
  • Outside food or drinks